Healthy Treats Complement Your Pet's Healthy Diet

Treats are edible, so it’s important to choose healthy options that support the quality food you feed your pet.

Bullies, Bones, & Body Parts

A safe alternative to rawhide that provides your pets with healthy chewing options.

Meat & Jerky

Protein-rich meats that work with your pet's diet to provide all the essential amino acids needed for immune support.

Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated

These types of treats have had the moisture removed, leaving them with all the nutrients and enzymes intact.

Biscuits & Bakery

Find a wide selection of textures, sizes, and flavours that will appeal to every pet!


Find frozen bones and body parts that you can store in your freezer for anytime treating.

Soft & Chewy

These treats are usually small, making them an excellent option for training and rewarding.

Pick Up Some Treats Now!


Safe and Trusted Treats

At Pet Planet, we carry a wide variety of safe and trusted treats to give our pets.

You’ll find soft & chewy, crunchy, freeze-dried, dehydrated, frozen, and bully sticks, but you’ll never find rawhide in our stores.

We made this decision back in 1996, and have never waivered.


Because rawhide isn't safe.

“The potential for choking, intestinal blockage, and digestive issues, harmful chemicals, and contamination are all good reasons to consider an alternative to rawhide.”

– Dr. Al Townshend, Pet Planet’s Staff Veterinarian

What is Rawhide?

Rawhide is made from the inner layer of animal hide.

(The outer layer is leather).

What Makes It Unsafe?

When dogs chew on rawhide and pieces are broken off then eaten, these pieces can swell up to 4 TIMES their size, which can cause serious, life-threatening blockages in their digestive tract. 

Try These Alternatives

Please remember to supervise your pet while they’re chewing to prevent injury or choking.

Here are even more great options available at Pet Planet!

Marrow from Pet Planet Primrose enjoying a beef cheek.

Did You Know...

Every Thursday in-store at Pet Planet is Treat Thursday! Save 15% on your pet’s favourite treats*, or try something new on discount!

*Excludes frozen treats. In-store only.

Next, Think About Their Preferences

You know your pet best.

Consider what they enjoy when narrowing down which treats to give them.

Choosing the Right Treat

Finding the right treat is as important as choosing the right food.

Consider the purpose you’re giving the treat.



The "just because" treat that's special and our of the ordinary for your pet.

Try a specialty baked treat, bully stick, or even a frozen bone.



Using the treat more as a tool to encourage good habits.

Try small, low calorie treats.



Recognizing a job well done and positive behaviour.

Try low calorie treats, crunchy treats, or freeze-dried/dehydrated.



A treat that provides an additional benefit to their health.

There are options that support dental health, joints, calming, and more.


From chicken to kangaroo and everything in between – it should be high quality.


In other words, texture. Does your pet prefer crunchy? Maybe they’re more interested in soft treats?

Chew Strength

Some dogs are power chewers while others are much more gentle. This can impact what kind of bully stick you choose.


Some pets may have restrictions that need to be considered like a health condition, allergies/sensitivities, missing teeth, etc.


Is your pet more interested in toys and play time than treats? Not all toys are made the same – check out our selection in-store!

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