Pet Planet is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a living by making a difference.

Pet Planet is
Your Pet’s Natural Grocer

We are also a unique franchise opportunity designed for anyone who wants to make a difference in their communities – for pets and their people.


We won’t promise that you will “get rich quick” or that you can work from home. There is a risk in any venture, and this is a business that requires hands-on investment. However, we have established an industry-leading operating system that, when executed to a higher standard, can truly set you apart from all others.

The specialty pet industry has evolved significantly over the past two decades. We opened our first store in 1996 and have continued to evolve as a leader in small-format retail. Our success is a result of an uncompromising commitment to a cohesive set of Brand Standards. Simply stated, doing what we know works, and doing it better than anyone else.

 We aren’t for everyone. Retail takes, among many things, grit and a positive attitude. A Pet Planet retail franchise certainly also requires passion for animal health; however, it also requires taking an interest in people – the pet Guardians you will spend all your time with. The benefits of operating a Pet Planet Franchise include:

  • Access to our uncompromising set of Brand Standards outlining our Operating System

  • Cohesive initial and ongoing E-Training program for both franchisees and ambassadors

  • Unique and identifiable store layouts, fixtures and merchandising standard

  • Philosophies such as Guardianship that resonates with pet-lovers everywhere

  • Clear vision for the future of the industry that successfully guides brand decision-making



An Industry-Leading Commitment

Although it is still the highest selling dog treat in the world, we won’t sell rawhide. All our brand partners, and by extension the products on our shelves, must meet our strict expectations for ingredients, ingredient sourcing and manufacturing standards.


An Industry-Leading Loyalty Program

The goodwill of any retail business is its customer list and a retailer’s ability to garner loyalty and habitual shopping habits. Our proprietary Membership Program is generous, easy to manage and effective.


Industry-Leading Beliefs

Language begets thoughts and behavior. A ‘Guardian’ takes unconditional responsibility for the health and well-being of the animals in their family.


Industry-Leaders Creating Safe Places for Guardians to Shop

From store layout and merchandising standards to customer engagement and knowledge, our “soul” is in the details. You may not be able to put your finger on why Guardians like to shop in our stores, but they just do. It feels comfortable.


Pet Planet began with a mother and daughter team who suffered the heartbreaking loss of a young dog to cancer. As they looked for answers, they learned so many things they wish they had known. The pet industry, at that time, really did not advocate for the pets they served. It was difficult to find accurate, honest and objective information relating to the food, treats and other products typically used by our pets every day. The need for a place, right in the community, where Guardians could feel comfortable, ask all their questions and trust the products being sold became clear. Hence, Pet Planet was born.

It’s all about people.

People who love their pets, just as much as you do.

Many people think that owning a Pet Planet is all about working with animals, and yes – that is an amazing perk; but success comes from truly understanding the people “behind the pets”. Building relationships with your customers is the key to building your business.

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Why Franchise with us?

Here are six reasons why franchising with Pet Planet rocks.


From ceiling to floor, all you need to open your doors.

Proven System

The benefits of years of success, and lessons learned.


A fair and comprehensive franchise agreement.


Turn-key investment that includes the franchise fee.


You get the benefit of our name and reputation.


Integrated distribution means you get all of the products you need easily.


Do I Need Pet Industry Experience to Apply?

We partner with like-minded individuals who will follow our proven Brand Standards to make a difference in the lives of the families they serve. If you love animals, and their people, we are interested in talking to you.

What is the Franchise Agreement Term?

The initial term is 10 years, after which we offer two 5-year renewal options.

How Long Does it Take to Open a Store?

While every store is different, typically from the time a Franchise Agreement is signed, and a location is approved, to the day you open is between 6 to 12 months.

Do I Purchase Equipment from Pet Planet?

You will purchase approved equipment, fixtures and supplies through Pet Planet’s designated vendors who know and understand the Pet Planet brand.

Do I Purchase Food and Supplies from Pet Planet?

Pet Planet stores purchase approved products through a designated distribution network, including an affiliated and exclusive distributor whose purpose is to help differentiate Pet Planet’s network of stores.


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