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Pet Planet is here to help you through every step of your Guardianship journey using our knowledge of pet health and by providing you with food and treats that meet our standards of quality.

We are your community’s natural grocer for pets.

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July 1 to 31, 2024

Beat the Heat This Summer

Help keep your pet cool this summer with these easy tips and tricks!

Sneak in More Water

Get more water into your cat's diet through wet food!

When you buy 12 or more cans in-store at Pet Planet, you save 5%! Mix them up for extra variety.

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Save Every Day

We believe that quality products should be accessible and affordable to all Guardians and their pets. That’s why at Pet Planet we offer our Value Days, where you can find great deals on things you and your pet love.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Value Days and Bulk Savings are in-store only promotions.

Why Shop at Pet Planet?

We Are Different Logo

Our focus on our “true” customers is one of the ways that make us a different kind of retailer. The true customers being…


Here are a few more reasons we’re different.

No Rawhide

Rawhide is bad for pets, so we choose not to sell it.


We help to solve any issues* your pet may be facing through our selection of trusted products.

Certificate of Trust

A proprietary Pet Planet program to help ensure the products on our shelves are safe for our pets.

Value Days

Every day we offer savings so you can spoil your pet.


An easy way to earn more for the pets you love.


Our Education Center provides you with resources to help support your Guardianship journey.

Find out how our Pet Planet Membership benefits you!

At Pet Planet, we want to know about you and your pet.

So, we ask questions. Our questions help to get to know you and your favourite furry friend, which, in turn, allows us to help you make the best choices that not only help your pet thrive, but stays within your means and lifestyle.

Puppy Visitors at Pet Planet Southwood Corner

Questions of Your Own?

It’s a loaded question – at Pet Planet, we’re proud to offer safe and trusted options that we have extensively researched. This includes learning about manufacturing processes, where the ingredients are sourced, ingredient quality, even the ingredient inclusions themselves as part of our Certificate of Trust program.

So, in short, we consider the foods offered in our stores as “good”. To determine the best food for your pet however, will depend on several things. Things like – your pet’s life stage, are there any allergies or sensitivities, are there multiple pets at home, what food type they prefer, your family’s lifestyle, etc. These can all impact which food would work best for you and your pet.

There absolutely is. Food is the foundation for health and longevity. A strong immune system will fight disease, and the food our pets eat can contribute significantly to a strong immunity. Many health issues are well-managed with the right diet plan. The right diet plan includes high quality, nutrient-dense food, healthy treats, and purposeful vitamins. All three matter.

Understanding nutrition starts with the ingredient panel. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the ingredient panel: 

  1. Named Meat – and lots of it. You don’t want to see “by-products” or vague terms like “poultry”.
  2. Purposeful carbohydrates (think peas, sweet potatoes, carrots).
  3. Low glycemic grains like oats or barley at a lower inclusion rate.
  4. Named fats like “chicken fat” (not “poultry fat”).

Definitely! When choosing treats for your pet, you should use all the same considerations you do for their food. Look for simple ingredients that you can easily read with meat high up on the ingredient panel.

Also consider what “type” of treats you’d like to give to your pet. There are training treats which are a great option for both training and weight management. You could try single ingredient treats – perfect for our sensitive pets. Or even “functional” treats that have additional healthy benefits like joint support, calming, etc.

Treats should be just that, a treat. They should account for less than 15% of your pet’s daily caloric intake. Which really means, try to keep treats for the “special” moments. In place of a treat, you can always give them a little extra love!

Frequent Buyer Program

Valid only on participating brands. See store for details.

Frequent Washer Program

Buy 5 Self-Washes, Get the 6th FREE

Valid only at participating locations.

Bulk Can Savings

Save 5% When You Buy 12 or More Cans

Mix and match. Dog and cat.

Bulk Treat Savings

Save 10% When You Buy 12 or More Bulk Treats

Mix and match. From the bulk treat tables.

For every 500 points you earn

you get $5 to spend in-store.

We're in the Business of Franchising

Are you an animal lover with a deep passion for proper nutrition and the wellness of our pets? Have you considered running your own business? We have franchising opportunities available for you.


Pet Planet Country Hills Town Centre

Pet Planet

We're Your Pet's Natural Grocer

It's who we are, but what does it mean?

It means that the products on our shelves are chosen with purpose. The nutrition they provide will help your pet to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. It means we care. But more importantly, it means we’re Pet Planet.

Kena, Laura Leah's golden retriever outside in Arizona.

Kena, Our CEO and Co-Founder’s Golden Retriever

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