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It’s Pumpkin Season

Share all the fun of pumpkin season with your favourite furry friends. Try a pumpkin treat, chew, or bowl builder like one of these:

Tummy Toppers

Pumpkin is a great option to add to your pet’s diet if they’re experiencing tummy troubles. Tiki Pets pairs it with either wheatgrass or ginger to further calm the gut!

Skinny Minis

At only 3 calories per treat, these are great for guilt-free snacking or for training! These Skinny Minis are soft and chewy, and packed with pumpkin and mango flavour!

Pumpkin Pie Treats

Excellent for sensitive stomachs and overall digestive health – these pumpkin treats are sure to be a puppy pleaser! These can even be broken into smaller pieces for easy rewarding.

Buy More. Spend Less.

Pet Planet believes that quality products should be accessible and affordable to all Guardians and their pets. That’s why we offer our Value Days, where you can find great deals on all things that you and your pet love. Become a My Pet Planet Member and earn points on all your everyday purchases to save even more!

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Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday value days are in-store promotions only.

Has anyone ever explained the differences in pet food to you?

We ask this question each and every day in our stores to help Guardians, like you, make the most informed decisions on the food you feed; helping you to help them to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Need Dog and Cat Logo

What Does Your Pet Need?

At Pet Planet, we believe that the right food, a good supplement and some lifestyle options can go a long way in helping our pets feel better – no matter what health-related issues they may be facing.  Let us help you find what your pet needs for their longer, happier and healthier life.

Senior Pets

This month at Pet Planet we will be focusing on our beloved senior pets.

As pets age, they begin to slow down; they are not as active as they once were. They may still chase the ball, but they lose interest more quickly.  Their metabolism slows, and they don’t need as many calories. Some organs and systems of the body become less efficient and begin to show signs of wear.

Pet Planet always recommends speaking with a veterinarian when faced with any pet related illness or injury.

Discover Your Pet’s Health

Learn more about how you can take control of your pet’s longer, happier, and healthier life.

My Pet Planet Membership

Sign up to become a My Pet Planet Member and earn one point for every dollar spent on food, treats, and products! Shop online or in-store at your local Pet Planet.

The Certificate of Trust

The Pet Planet Certificate of Trust is our promise to you that the products on our shelves are responsibly sourced, manufactured, and safe for the pets that you love.


Guardianship is a concept driven from a place of respect for our animals, that simply states how we care for our pets is defined by how we view our relationship with them.

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