Gasoline Alley wins Silver in Red Deer Community

Second year in a row that Gasoline Alley wins this award

Congratulations to one of our own Pet Planet franchisee, Shaina Davis, for once again being nominated and then winning the Community Votes award in the City of Red Deer.

Last year, the Gasoline Alley Pet Planet store, took home a bronze award, but this year, was awarded silver – a true accomplishment. Community Votes provides a place where community members can recognize the outstanding businesses and services that make our lives that much better every day. Each year, the community members of Red Deer vote for their favourite business that deserve recognition for the outstanding work they do to enhance the City of Red Deer.

Pet Planet Gasoline Alley has shown exceptional community leadership and support for its Guardian customers, and this is one way that they’re saying, “thank you.”

“It is such an honour to be recognized for a second year in a row by the community members of Red Deer. At Pet Planet, we have a different philosophy when it comes to caring for your pets, and it’s great to see this noticed,” shares Shaina Davis, Franchise Owner and Operator.

Since 1996, Pet Planet stores across Canada have been promoting health and educating Guardians on the best ways to care for their pets. Our standards and certificate of trust that all of our store’s products must pass make us truly unique, and a safe place to shop for your pet!

Congratulations to Pet Planet Gasoline Alley for this recognition on the great impact you’re making in the City of Red Deer.

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